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Gateway vs. South Arkansas (Game 3)

2024 NJCAA West District Championship Series
Pre-Game is at 12:55pm and First Pitch at 1:00pm

Live From Walker Stadium at Goodheart Field, Magnolia, Arkansas

Winner Advances to World Series

TeamTeamScoreLive StreamArchive
Tuesday 2:00pmWatchWatch Again
Tuesday 4:30pmWatchWatch Again
Tuesday 7:00pmWatchWatch Again
Wednesday 3:00pmWatchWatch Again
Wednesday 6:00pmWatchWatch Again
May 9th-13thTeamTeamScoreWatchArchive
Thursday 10:00amSouth ArkansasEnidSouth Arkansas 15-5(7)WatchWatch Again
Thursday 1:00pmWestern Ok StateNational ParkWestern OK State 4-3WatchWatch Again
Thursday 4:00pmTonkawaMountain HomeTonkawa 12-5WatchWatch Again
Thursday 7:00pmRich MountainCarl Albert StateRich Mountain 10-4WatchWatch Again
Friday 10:00amNational ParkEnidNational Park 7-2WatchWatch Again
Friday 1:00pmCarl AlbertMountain HomeCarl Albert State 6-3WatchWatch Again
Friday 4:00pmWestern OK StateSouth ArkansasSouth Arkansas 14-2WatchWatch Again
Friday 7:00pmRich MountainTonkawaTonkawa 19-2WatchWatch Again
Saturday 10:00amWestern OK StateCarl Albert StateCarl Albert State 7-4WatchWatch Again
Saturday 1:00pmRich MountainNational ParkNational Park 10-1WatchWatch Again
Saturday 4:00pmTonkawaSouth ArkansasSouth Arkansas 12-7WatchWatch Again
Saturday 7:00pmNational ParkCarl Albert StateCarl Albert State 11-1WatchWatch Again
Sunday 1:00pmCarl Albert StateTonkawaTonkawa 7-2WatchWatch Again
Sunday 5:45pmTonkawaSouth ArkansasTonkawa 13-4WatchWatch Again
Monday 1:00pmTonkawaSouth ArkansasSouth Arkansas 10-7WatchWatch Again
South Arkansas Stars
D2 Region 2OverallConfHomeAwayNeutral
Rich Mountain272322815761066
South Arkansas33202010174101264
Mountain Home3015201018311913
National Park232413171310101400
SAU Tech1827131781091303
Mid South113732891811711
Southeast Arkansas332300171416900
Three Rivers432002912013
Western Ok State371621917720900
Carl Albert State312414161511161200
Murray State3023131720881421