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Western Oklahoma State vs. South Arkansas

Pre-Game is at 6:55pm and First Pitch is at 7:00pm
Live From Central Oklahoma University, Edmond, Oklahoma

May 11th -15thTeamTeamScoreWatchArchive
Thursday 10:00amRich MountainTonkawaTonkawa 10-0(5)WatchWatch Again
Thursday 1:00pmEnidWestern Ok StateEnid 6-4WatchWatch Again
Thursday 4:00pmHesstonMurray StateHesston 5-4WatchWatch Again
Thursday 7:00pmRedlandsSouth ArkansasSouth Arkansas 8-0(8)WatchWatch Again
Friday 10:00amRich MountainWestern Ok StateWestern Ok State 10-2 (7)WatchWatch Again
Friday 1:00pmRedlandsMurray StateMurray State 11-5WatchWatch Again
Friday 4:00pmEnidTonkawaEnid 14-10WatchWatch Again
Friday 7:00pmHesstonSouth ArkansasSouth Arkansas 8-3WatchWatch Again
Saturday 10:00amTonkawaMurray StateMurray State 17-4 (6)WatchWatch Again
Saturday 1:00pmHesstonWestern OK StateWestern Ok State 11-1 (5)WatchWatch Again
Saturday 4:00pmEnidSouth ArkansasSouth Arkansas 11-10 (10)WatchWatch Again
Saturday 7:00pmMurray StateWestern Ok StateWestern Ok State 10-6WatchWatch Again
Sunday 7:00pmEnidWestern Ok StateWestern Ok State 16-8 (8)WatchWatch Again
Monday 3:30pmWestern Ok StateSouth ArkansasWestern Ok State 17-1WatchWatch Again
Monday 7:00pmWestern Ok StateSouth ArkansasSouth Arkansas 6-4WatchWatch Again
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