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Oklahoma Red vs. Kansas Red

Pre-Game is at 5:25pm and First Pitch at 5:30pm
Live From David Allen Memorial Ballpark, Enid, Oklahoma


TeamTeamScoreLive StreamArchive
Monday 10:00amKansas RedTexas NavyKansas Red 4-0WatchWatch Again
Monday 12:30pmKansas RedOklahoma OrangeOklahoma Orange 8-2WatchWatch Again
Monday 3:00pmTexas RedOklahoma OrangeOklahoma 5-4WatchWatch Again
Monday 5:30pmTexas RedOklahoma RedOklahoma Red 8-7WatchWatch Again
Monday 8:00pmKansas PurpleOklahoma RedKansas Purple 5-2WatchWatch Again
Tuesday 10:00amTexas NavyKansas PurpleTexas Navy 5-3WatchWatch Again
Tuesday 12:30pmTexas RedKansas PurpleGame Finished Tied 6-6WatchWatch Again
Tuesday 3:00pmOklahoma OrangeTexas NavyGame Finished Tied 1-1WatchWatch Again
Tuesday 5:30pmOklahoma RedKansas RedOklahoma Red 6-5WatchWatch Again
Tuesday 8:00pmTexas RedKansas RedWatchWatch Again
Wednesday 10:00amTexas RedTexas NavyWatchWatch Again
Wednesday 12:30pmOklahoma OrangeKansas PurpleWatchWatch Again
Wednesday 3:00pmOklahoma RedTexas NavyWatchWatch Again
Wednesday 5:30pmOklahoma OrangeOklahoma RedWatchWatch Again