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North American University Athletics

Women's BasketballMen's Basketball
12/14Vs. Jarvis Christian 5:30pmVs. Jarvis Christian 7:30pm
12/16Vs. Texas College 2pmVs. Texas College 4pm
1/11Vs. Louisiana Christian 5:30pmVs. Louisiana Christian 7:30pm
1/13Vs. LSU-Alexandria 2pmVs. LSU-Alexandria 4pm
1/15Vs. Xavier 2pmVs. Xavier 4pm
1/25Vs. Paul Quinn 5:30pmVs. Paul Quinn 7:30pm
1/27Vs. Southwest 2pmVs. Southwest 4pm
2/15Vs. A&M-Texarkana 5:30pmVs. A&M-Texarkana 7:30pm
2/17Vs. LSU-Shreveport 2pmVs. LSU-Shreveport 4pm
2/22Vs. Our Lady of the Lake 5:30pmVs. Our Lady of the Lake 7:30pm
2/24Vs. Huston-Tillotson 2pmVs. Huston-Tillotson 4pm

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